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Can-Am Maverick Sport & Trail Accessories 3.5 In. (9 cm) LED Lights (2x14W)

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  • 14W LED lights producing 1,260 lumens each.
  • Equipped with 6 high power LEDs in a heavy-duty die cast aluminum housing.
  • Features 2 attachment points - if one attachment point fails due to a collision, rotate to the next channel point and re-mount the light.
  • Sold in pairs.
  • EC compliant.
  • Fits Maverick Trail, Maverick Sport, Maverick Sport MAX
P/N 715003666
  • Spot lens for a narrow and long light beam spread, ideal when driving at higher speeds.
P/N 715003665
  • Flood lens for a wide light beam spread, ideal for working applications like plowing or for cornering, dusty or foggy riding conditions.

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3.5 In. (9 cm) LED Lights (2x14W) - LED Driving Lights
product # 715003666
3.5 In. (9 cm) LED Lights (2x14W) - LED Flood Lights
product # 715003665